Since we are now in the beginnings of the summer months here in Michigan, the police are warning Pinckney residents to be aware of the scam artists known as "travelers and gypsies" who specifically work asphalt and paving. If you read this site and the blog - this comes as no surprise to you.

Unfortunately, there are many out there that do not know and need to be aware of these "hucksters". If you have anyone in your neighborhood who is vulnerable or elderly notify them of this as they are usually the targets they go after. It was reported in southwestern Michigan that an elderly couple were scammed $9,000 for a paving job. The group identified was marked "Lovell Construction" on the side of their vehicle.

Anyone with questions or concerns about door-to-door salesmen offering services, to call police or the Better Business Bureau to verify if a business is valid.

Be sure to check out our FREE report "7 SCAMS to Watch Out for Before Hiring an Asphalt Paving Contactor in Michigan".
8/10/2010 11:47:26 am

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